Atheists and Agnostic

Literally, atheists and agnostics have the same premise that atheists do not believe in the existence of God because they assume all events in life can be explained by science, while agnostics believe in the existence of God but they feel that God does not need to exist , because God made religion exist while religion for them can make people addicted like drugs, can make people kill each other in wars, and make people think things that don’t make sense, etc.

Etymologically, agnostic comes from the Greek, namely gnostic which means knowing or knowing and a which means not. So literally, agnostic means not knowing. But by definition, agnostic is a view or belief that the existence or absence of God is something that is not known.

According to, those who believe in agnostics need clear scientific reasons to prove the existence of God. Agnostics believe that there is another power greater than God that can be scientifically proven, namely the universe.

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