Is it true that religion can make you think things that don’t make sense?

Is it true that religion can make you think things that don't make sense?

Is it true that religion can make you think things that don’t make sense?

In the Western scientific tradition, science has several characteristics or characteristics that cause it to be called a science, namely: activities, procedures, and knowledge. The characterization of science as an activity, procedure, and knowledge are not contradictory to each other, in fact it is a logical unity that must exist in a coherent manner. Science must be cultivated by human activity, activity must be carried out in a certain way, and, finally, activity that is regulated produces regular knowledge. Thus, real and distinctive science is a series of activities carried out by scientists, who use the mind, involve understanding and understanding, and have certain goals. Strictly speaking, science leads108 Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 29, No. February 1, 2019 on the goals desired by scientists (Gie, 2003: 19).

Very important thing to understand about science

Contemporary, admittedly honest by some scientists, is that all scientific models and theories are limited and only estimates.

Many things in this world are difficult to explain with human logic, which frustrates seekers of truth. Examples of their research:

  • The human body, centuries ago scientists have found a theory, how the human body can work very complex and perfect but they still don’t understand how the entire body can work with more than 1 billion nerves.
  • The universe, there is one theory that is very popular until now which is believed to be the beginning of the universe, this theory is the Big Bang which was discovered by Georges Lemaître. Many scientists agree with the theory, but they are confused about what happened before the Big Bang happened!!! one scientist who feels he has the answer is Stephen Hawking, “Because the moment before the Big Bang had no observational consequences, so it can be said that time just started when the Big Bang occurred, “In an interview with another popular scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. ???

Just for your information, Stephen Hawking is a scientist who does not believe in the existence of God, but he is also confused about how the Big Bang could have happened.

So if scientists want to be honest so they don’t make jokes then they have to say :

                                                  “GOD MUST EXIST”.

The nature of God in every religion

The nature of God in every religion

  • The concept of god in islam

In the Islamic concept, God is called Allah and is believed

as the real and One Supreme Being, the Creator Who

All-Powerful and All-Knowing, Eternal, Destiny Decisive, and

Judge of the universe. Etymologically the word Allah (الله) is derived from the word ilah (له) which means worship (عبد.) deep (.ولع) The three meanings of the word over (له) lead to the meaning of having to submit and glorify.

The oneness of God can be proven by three main parts, namely: the reality of visible form, the feeling contained in the human soul, and logical arguments. The reality of the visible existence of the Qur’an uses all forms as evidence, especially the existence of this universe with all its contents.

Al Quran Surah Annisa verse 171 : “O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion1 or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, “Three”; desist – it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.”

  • The concept of god in yahudi

Judaism believes in one God, but God who is only special for the Bani Isra’il, not God for other nations. They never mention the names of God directly because it might reduce his holiness. Therefore the Israelites symbolized Him with the consonant YHWH, without a sound. This symbol can be read YaHWeh or Ye-Ho-We or YeHoVah. The core of the teachings of Judaism is known as the “ten” Word of God” or Ten Commandments or Decalogue,(Grik, deca=10, logue=treatise). The ten commandments The Lord was received by the Prophet Moses on Mount Sinai (Tur Sina), when there is a direct dialogue between Moses and God. 4The ten commandments Moses received from Jehovah above Mount Sinai through two stone tablets (slabs of inscribed stone or inscription), which reads: (1) Do not worship anyone other than Yahweh, (2) Do not worship idols or idols or pictures, (3) Do not take the name of Yahweh in vain, (4) Glorify and keep the Sabbath day (Saturday), (5) Respect mother father, then prolong your life (6) Do not kill brother, (7) Do not commit adultery, (8) Do not steal, (9) Do not swear falsely, and (10) Do not covet possessions your brother without rights.

  • The concept of god in Christianity

Christianity is a religion that claims to be monotheism, but in reality, it is Christianity is polytheism, that is when we look at the concept of creed those who are known as the Trinity or the Trinity. Religion Christianity has been split into dozens of new religions, from are large and global to local and less popular ones. Every fractional religion must be an infidel other fractions as well. And in general, Christianity is divided into three new religions, each of which has its churches and religious leaders. The three biggest religions from the scope of this Christian religion, namely: Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Broadly speaking, the core beliefs of Christians are a trinity, the belief that God is three persons who are one: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Sebelius (died 215) taught that God is One, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are modality or way of revealing oneself to the Lord God Almighty. At first, that is in the P.L the Lord God appeared himself in the face or mode of the Father, namely as creator and lawgiver. After that Lord God appeared in the face of the Son, that is, as an interpreter Congratulations that deliver His people, which starts from the birth of Christ. Until His ascension to heaven. Finally The Lord God from the day the Pentecost appeared in the face of the Holy Spirit, that is, as the living One. So the three designations are a sequence of appearances of God in history. So, broadly speaking, Christianity believes that Prophet ‘Isa or Jesus is the Son of God God. Therefore Jesus’ disciples they believed to be Apostles. In history, the divinity of the Christians, the fulfillment of Jesus has just been carried out at the end of the II century AD. Then at the Council at Nicea year 325 God the Son is equated with God the Father. Then in the third century, the Holy Spirit was deified. On the council at Ephesus, Our Lady is equated with the Trinity by Catholics

  • The concept of god in Hinduism

Hinduism has a divine conception which is polytheistic which is manifested in the number of gods mentioned in the Vedic scriptures as many as 32 ” gods who have their respective functions. the gods is seen as a symbolic figure of a god The root is Brahma. In Hindu scriptures, the attributes of God are described as All-Knowing and All-Powerful. he represents justice, compassion, and beauty. In reality, He is the embodiment of all a blessed quality that is always within reach of man. He is ready for His blessings, love and blessings on His creation. Swāmī Harshānanda, in his book, entitled Hindu devas state that the concept of Hindu God has two distinctive features, namely depending on the needs and the taste of His devotee. He can be seen in a form which they prefer for breeding and their response through that form. He can also incarnate himself between human beings to guide him to the kingdom His divinity. And this incarnation is a process that continues that takes place and at any time which he deems necessary. Then there is another aspect of God as Yang The Absolute is commonly referred to as “Brahman”; which means unlimited big. He is Infinity itself. However, He is also immanent in all that is created. Thus unlike everything, we know that He explains all descriptions of Him. Has been declared that the only way to be able to reveal Him is negative: Not this! Not this!

  • The concept of god in Buddism

In Buddhism, it turns out that it is wrong if we consider Buddha to be the God of Buddhism. Draft God in Buddhism is different from the concept in Samawi religion where the universe was created by God and the ultimate goal of human life is to return to heaven God’s eternal creation. The Buddha is not God in non-theistic Buddhism (generally not teaching the existence of a creator God, or depend on God the creator for the sake of business attain enlightenment; The Buddha is the guide or a teacher who shows the way to nirvana). in the book Buddhism says that “God is One”

Unborn, Unincarnate, Uncreated and the Absolute.” “Know monks that there is something Unborn, Unincarnate, Uncreated, Absolute. O Bhikkhus, if there were no Unborn, Unincarnate, Uncreated, Absolute, it would be impossible for us to be free from birth, existence, formation, arising from past causes. But monks, because there is the Unborn, the Unincarnate, the Uncreated, the Absolute, it is possible to be free from birth, existence, formation, arising from past causes.

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