Is religion really as addictive as drugs?

Is religion really as addictive as drugs?

yes, religion makes its adherents addicted, but not like drugs. if the drug makes the user addicted which causes the user to be unable to control himself, then the drug will control himself, and that is very bad if viewed from psychology, health, and most likely the body controlled by drugs tends to do bad things for himself and people around him.

The average person who uses drugs is a person who is in a period of depression or is in a period of anxiety.

So they want those times to go away and make their feelings and thoughts calm and peaceful, but it’s only temporary if they don’t use it they will definitely get depressed again, so this situation is what makes them addicted to bad things.

What about religion? it is true that religion makes its adherents addicted, just as drugs seek peace and relieve depression.

Likewise, if religious adherents do not carry out religious orders then they will be restless but when they are in that period they have a choice;

  • Back to religious guidance

     Every human being must have a period of crisis in every life, so religion has guidelines so that we can live life according to the rules that God actually gave for humanity itself so that we are calm in living the crisis of life.

  • Get out of religious guidance

   When a religious person feels a crisis in his life and feels that religion cannot handle it, they tend to think that they want to be free from religious rules, and of course they will again be trapped in the game world and the world will not provide real peace. Because the world belongs to God and God has the right to the world we live in.

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