why is there only one god?

Of the many gods that are believed by most people and we know that it is God who made religion, in religion, there are provisions, rules, and worship.

So which religion from God is the most correct?

Because every religion has a different god, a different way of worship, and most importantly everyone who embraces one religion must think that they are the most correct, and those who don’t believe in them must be considered as “unbelievers”. 

even some religions have their own terms for people who do not believe in their religion, such as:

  1. “Lost Sheep”(Christianity)
  2. “goyim”  (Jewish)
  3. “nastika”(Hinduism)
  4. “abrahmacariyavasa”(Buddism)
  5. “Kafir”(Islam)

So, how to choose the most correct god?

because it is God who made religion and indeed it is the religion that makes us have shade, rules, guidance for worship, knowledge, and belief.

This means that God must possess the following attributes:

God cannot be the same as his creatures
  • First rule, “Nathing is the same as the maker”

short explanation “no maker makes exactly the same as the maker” or “A produces B, B can never be equal to A”

  • Second rule, “What is made characterizes who made it” 

For example, if we breathe which only takes a few seconds, a very extraordinary process occurs in our body and uniquely we cannot control the process. So who’s the controller?

Short Explanation “There must be a controller who must be able to manage everything and he must not depend on anyone”

  • Third Rule, “The exestence of someting indicates that is a maker of something”

Short Explanation “If there is something there must be a maker, then if there is a universe there must be a creator who made it”. Or “A makes B, then A must exist”

  • God cannot be the same as his creatures
God must be fair
  • God must be fair

We all know that in life there are always differences, there are rich and poor, difficult and happy, there are those who get a normal body and some who get a less body, etc.

From this concept, many people think that God is unfair, sometimes people get things that we think are bad, that person really enjoys life. On the other hand, not a few people who we think their lives are fine, are actually depressed by what they have.

From this concept, God can be considered just!!

But who is that god?

God has no beginning and no end
  • God has no beginning and no end

Which God do you choose?

If you don’t want to get to know them one by one, we’ll give you a quick way…

Find out about Allah



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